When buying a home, a commercial property, a piece of land, or an investment property, having a buyer’s agent represent you is a key to success.  A buyer’s agent that works exclusively for you can help you in ways that cannot be imagined- from expertise in a particular area of real estate, to having the experience to know of a potential deal before anyone else does.  A great buyer’s agent acting on your behalf will help you avoid the many pitfalls, while helping you obtain the property of your dreams.  Maine Realty L.L.C., offers a full service buyer’s agency for your convenience. The best part of our buyer’s agent service is that it will generally cost no money – in fact some of our buyer’s agent clients get a check from us at closing!*

Too good to be true?



The link below has information from the Department of Justice on why rebates are a good for home buyers. Please make sure to bookmark my home page in your favorites so that you can come back to my site.

Click here for info from the Department of Justice on how rebates benefit home buyers!


The information provided is deemed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. Maine Realty L.L.C., encourages all clients to seek professional legal and tax services. **Maximum Sales Price for Rebate Calculation is $4,000,000. Maximum Rebate is $10,000 USD  Maine Realty pays .25% of the purchase price up to $4,000,000. Some Restrictions apply.

* Not available on all transactions. Call for more info today!  207-671-6604