First Time Home Buyers

We understand how challenging buying a home can be, let alone the unique challenges that your first purchase can bring.  We pride ourselves in being experts in making the process as fun, educational, and painless as possible.  We handle 100% of the management of your purchase and advise you throughout the entire process, working with you as a team.  There should never be a time when you have to “go at it alone.” Maine Realty will be there for you through the entire process.  Our philosophy is simple- we listen to you first and ask then questions, so that there is a level of clarity and understanding unparalleled in our industry.  At Maine Realty our goal is to establish a relationship with you that will extend beyond your first home purchase and aim become your “Realtors of Choice” for life.  To start the journey of buying your first home, or your first owner occupied multi-unit, please fill out the “Contact Us” info below and let’s get underway on your journey to Homeownership!

Relocation Assistance: Moving to Maine

We are happy that you are thinking of moving to our wonderful state of Maine!  You are going to love all that Maine has to offer.  Whether you are moving to Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough or Skowhegan, Cumberland County or Aroostook County, or as we call it here in Maine: “the county”– our team of Relators at Maine Realty have you covered.  We have agents & brokers that are ready to help you begin the challenges of relocating.  Let our decades of experience, our genuine passion to help, and our extensive network of vendors guide you through this part of your journey to your new home.  We have you covered and offer assistance in every part of your relocation.  Contact us below and see why Maine Realty is truly the way buying a home in Maine should be!

Multi-Units & Investment Properties

We at Maine Realty believe that the greatest, tried, and true vehicle for the average person to obtain above average wealth is through the acquisition of investment real estate.  Not all investment properties are rentals- some can be development deals, buying single family homes to flip, or buy and hold.  While we can appreciate that some people dream of owning a single family home, we also know from personal and professional experience that first time home buyers who use their first purchase to obtain an owner occupied multi-family of 2-4 units are making a decision that can change the course of their lives forever.  Maine Realty has helped many clients buy owner occupied multi-families as their first purchase.  The beauty of this strategy is that you are taking advantage of one of the greatest wealth building opportunities – all while having someone else pay the lions share (or more) of your housing expenses.  Programs such as FHA and FHA 203K programs offer a significant way for first time home buyers to purchase multi-family properties with as little as 3.5% (as of this writing) in down payment- and the 203K piece allows them to purchase properties that need some work- it’s a great program for first time home buyers of any kind, but more especially those who buy multi-family homes.

Many people hear about, or see the great opportunities investment properties offer, yet some are sometimes afraid of the unknown and never act on these opportunities.  The agents at Maine Realty are there to help you through the entire process.  From looking for “killer deals”, checking our foreclosures in Maine, short sales in Maine or simply distressed sellers who simply want to “get out of the game” to calculating NOI & ROI to property management.  Put our decades of experience, our passion to do the right thing every time, and our unsurpassed negotiation skills to work for you– and your retirement may just be a lot sooner than you ever imagined possible!


First and foremost, thank you for your service to our great country from all of us at Maine Realty.  It is men and women like you whom have worn the uniform of this great land that give us the freedoms we all enjoy.  The Maine Realty team takes great pride in helping those who gave us so much through their military service.  Let us help you purchase a home in the state of Maine using your VA benefits and certificate.  We can help you with every part of the process- from selecting a quality lender that offers VA lending to the final move in of your new home.  Nothing makes us happier than helping our Veteran’s attain the American dream of home ownership.  Contact us below today and ask about our Veteran program.

Moving Out of Maine?

We can help you hand select a Realtor in your new home state!

We hate to see you go!  The good news is that we can help make your out-of-state move as easy as possible.  One of the many advantages of being a member of the Realtor Association (in which ALL agents at Maine Realty LLC are) is that we have access to many resources, databases, connections across the country, and even across the world.  These resources allow us to help residents of Maine hand select a new realtor in their new home state. Giving you piece of mind because they has been vetted through a realtor whom you know and trust here in Maine.

Knowing who to go to for real estate help when you have just moved can be frustrating and often downright daunting.  The agents & brokers at Maine Realty can help!  Let us interview prospective buyer agents, realtors, and leasing agents in your soon-to-be New Home State.  As members of the world wide Realtor Association, we have access to realtors we know and can recommend in good faith. Allowing you to sleep at night knowing that your pending move to a new state is being handled by someone qualified. Maine Realty LLC vets prospective realtors by personally speaking with realtor candidates, and qualifying them according to standards of practice/ethics, as well as characteristic qualities that match your needs.  Best of all, this service costs you nothing!

In short, we use our resources to find the perfect realtor for your personal circumstances.  A realtor who is an expert in the area that you are moving to with proved success and integrity, so that before, during, and after your move you can be rest assured that you are in great hands.  Do not forget to give us a call if/when you move back!- We’re not going anywhere and will be here to help you again!